Coronus Product Family

Coronus Product Family


Bevel cleaning removes unwanted masks, residues, and films from the edge of a wafer between manufacturing steps. If not cleaned, these materials become defect sources. For instance, they can flake off and re-deposit on the device area during subsequent processes. Even a single particle that lands on a critical part of a device can ruin the entire chip. By inserting bevel clean processes at strategic points, these potential defect sources can be eliminated and more good chips produced.

By combining the precise control and flexibility of plasma with technology that protects the active die area, Lam’s Coronus® bevel clean family cleans the wafer’s edge to enhance die yield.

Industry Challenges

Chip makers are increasingly focused on reducing edge exclusion as an important strategy to increase the number of good die at the perimeter of the wafer, making bevel engineering a high priority for development teams. Mechanical abrasion or stress of the film stack at the wafer’s edge can result in film delamination and subsequent re-deposition on the front side of the wafer, potentially impacting yield. For immersion lithography, the edge integrity is absolutely critical since defects that exist on the edge can be carried onto the wafer, thus causing yield excursions. To address these issues, cleaning steps that target the bevel region can help eliminate the wafer edge as a source of yield-limiting defects.


  • Improved yield by selective removal of unwanted materials from wafer’s edge
  • Active die area protection by using plasma processing with proprietary confinement technology
  • In situ removal of multi-material film stacks and residues to ensure high productivity
  • The industry’s only bevel clean product that removes α-carbon films and carbon-rich residues
  • Metal film removal to prevent arcing during plasma etch or deposition steps

Product Offerings

  • Coronus®
  • Coronus® HP


  • Post-etch for shallow trench isolation (STI), gate, middle-of-line (MOL), and back-end-of-line (BEOL)
  • Pre- and post-deposition
  • Pre-lithography
  • Metal film removal